Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

The Vagina is one of the most important parts of the female body, incidentally, while we dedicate so much time to facials, even tones, pedicure/manicure, hair and Spa visits, we hardly ever think of taking extra care of the down there. And maybe this isn’t because we just don’t care, maybe it is because we don’t know these important things about the Vagina.

Your Vagina is a result of what you eat:

If you eat junks or unhealthy food everytime, your vagina is certainly going to smell awful. Replace your daily intake of junks and unhealthy food with fruits and plenty water so you can have a fresh smell coming from down there.

Anal and Oral Sex may cause Vaginal Odor

According to wikihow “Because any introduction of foreign bacteria can upset the delicate balance in your vagina and so sexual practices can have an effect. Certain sexual practices in particular can set off a reaction those practices include  anal sex before vaginal sex, oral sex and the use of objects or food” (Such as ice cream) as penetrative methods. This goes to say, after anal sex, change condoms before moving to vaginal sex.

Peeing after sex is important in Vaginal hygiene

Try to pee after sex, even if you have intentions to wash too. During sex, unwanted bacteria can travel up the urethra which is connected to the bladder. Peeing after sex can help flush the bacteria out of the Vaginal area, helping you feel healthy.

Sex exercises the vagina

Well it would please or unplease you (pick your choice) to know that Sex is good exercise for the Vagina, sex keeps the Vagina toned and elastic. You know what else exercises the Vagina? Vibrators!

-Scented creams marketed to “change” the smell of your down there might actually cause it  to smell worse than it already is. You see, except these scented creams have extremely natural and chemical free ingredients, you are likely going to eventually smell worse than you were trying to avoid. This goes for scented pads and tampons too.

-The Vagina stays clean on its own

Interesting yeah? Here is how, according to wikihow, “The Vagina actually stays clean on its own without the help of outside cleansers. Like other parts of the body, the vagina has a pH level that needs to be maintained within a certain range-3.5 and 4.5, to be specific-in other to prevent the growth of unhealthy bacteria and facilitate the growth of good bacteria”.

-Clean and dry clothes and underwear helps the Vagina stay healthy and clean. Also, loose fitting clothes do the same.

-Wipe your vagina from front to back when cleaning, rather than back to front when cleaning. This will keep fecal matter from entering your vagina and causing an infection. And also use plain, unscented toilet paper to wipe. Avoid using wet wipes.


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