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Health Tips: 10 Dangers of Too Much Caffeine

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I looked into the harmful things caffeine can cause in the body some days ago when my workload got super crazy (it is still crazy) and I started downing coffee like water. I have never been one to be addicted to anything and I used to boldly say this. I had an ex who used to kick start every single day with coffee and who I used to plead with to stop before it became an addiction so I just was not going to be addicted to this.

However when I got myself too much screenplay to do, I turned to coffee to keep me awake during the night for long hours. It worked! It worked and became my magic, I naturally turned to it every single time I needed to write tirelessly for long hours and it simply worked wonders.

Because I know when to stop, I told myself that at the rate I was going it was going to be an addiction pretty soon if I did not stop. So I looked up the harmful things it can do to my health if I decided to be stubborn and go ahead with the large intake of caffeine.

Here is what I found:

  1. Caffeine cannot only be found in coffee, unlike what most people think and so when you do coffee in the morning and Coke in the afternoon,  You are putting yourself at further risk of serious adverse effects. Let me explain, regular flat white which is similar to a latte can have as much as 282mg of caffeine in one serving and more than 400mg per day can put you at immense risk. So if you take more than a cup of coffee in the morning and add a bottle of coke in the afternoon or evening, you are at serious risk.
  2. It causes Jitters and restlessness. Caffeine stimulates hormones, such as adrenaline and sends your body into jitters and tremors.
  3. Caffeine increases your heartbeat, because it acts as a stimulant, it stimulates your central nervous system, increasing your heart rate.
  4. Caffeine causes heartburn. Caffeine is sometimes believed to be responsible for relaxing the esophagus, contributing to gastroesophageal reflux. This can cause heartburn in vulnerable individuals.
  1. It can cause anxiety in some human beings.  The stimulant effect of caffeine on the body, such as increased heart rate, increased adrenaline hormones and heightened senses can come together to produce an overwhelming sensation in some people, causing them to feel anxious
  2. Rambling thoughts, confusion and stuttering. Because of the stimulant effect of caffeine, speech and thought speed up whenever there is an intake of caffeine. As much as this can be very useful for concentration, too much of it can lead to confusion and stuttering.
  3. Insomnia. One of the biggest reasons people turn to caffeine is so they can stay awake for a longer period, too much of it however can prevent your ability to fall asleep, thereby leading to a case of insomnia.
  4. Cardiac arrest. Increased blood pressure from a very high level of caffeine intake and the effect of the stimulant on the cardiovascular system can have a very terrible effect on people with weak hearts.
  5. Coma.  Too much consumption of caffeine can cause people to have what is known as caffeine intoxication, during which they become confused and disoriented, eventually have a caffeine coma as well as seizures.
  6.  Death. According to the source I read from, regular coffee is not likely to cause the type of overdose an individual may die from, but at the same time caffeine intake can actually be this lethal.

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