Thinking About Adopting A Child: Read This

Adoption is a process that permanently transfers all the legal rights and responsibilities of being a parent from the child’s birth parents (their biological parents) to the adoptive parents.

Improvements in local adoption practices have made it easier for children to remain with their families or in their country of birth, which means fewer children now need inter-country adoption.

Different types of adoption

There are 2 main types of adoption

Intercountry adoption

This is when a child is adopted from an overseas country and brought back to Nigeria to live.

Local adoption

This is when the child to be adopted was born or is permanently living in Nigeria The adoptive parent (for example, a step parent) may previously have known the child. Alternatively, they may have had no previous contact or relationship with them.

The legal process in adoption

Anyone who intends to adopt a child needs to obtain an adoption order, which legally transfers all parental rights and responsibilities from the birth parents to the adoptive parents. Any legal rights that the child has in relation to their birth parents, such as inheritance, are removed. The child may also get a new birth certificate recording the adoptive parent or parents’ names, as well as the child’s new name, if this was changed.

Each state has its own adoption policy

States and territories also specify different minimum ages for a person before they can become an adoptive parent. There are also different requirements for how much older than their child an adopted parent needs to be.

For more information about legal requirements in your state or territory, contact the relevant government agency from the list below.

Adopting a child from overseas

For intercountry adoption, you must first be approved to adopt by your state or territory government. Then, your application will be sent to your nominated overseas country for their approval. If approved by them and a child is found for you, you will be sent a placement proposal. If you accept it, you’ll need to go to the overseas country to collect your child and formally adopt them there.

It can often be a lengthy process for people wanting to adopt from overseas.


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